Dec 20, 2017 · GrADS script for subsetting, reformatting and regridding. Proposal for User Defined Extensions in GrADS v2.0; Manual Pages. Technical reference for specific functions and commands; this is not the place to get started. Building Notes for those wishing to compile GrADS from sources. Supplemental Libraries (Supplibs). A central repository of ...
Output is provided in the netCDF format. Output is flexible in resolution and projection Can be used to l Validate models or compare ground based measurements against satellite measurements l Need to compare multiple satellites on a common grid Currently, WHIPS can process the following data products: • OMI NO2 (NASA retrieval)

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Regridding netcdf data and outputing it to a file. NOTE: This is much faster and easier than regridding with NCL. Consider the dimensions of these two files: and The first is NCEP/NCAR Reanalysis data that has dimensions of 1 time by 92 latitudes by 192 longitudes.
FIXED out-of-bounds idx issue * Implement GSG for all combinations of levels and missing values 2019-09-09 Charlie Zender * Fix GSG by double-weighting (by sgs_frc_in and overlap weight) input values, normalized by sgs_frc_out * In GSG, pass sgs_msk_nm through ncremap 2019-09-08 Charlie Zender * In GSG, compute sgs_msk (when requested) based on ...

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Jan 13, 2014 · The following is by Dennis Shea (NCAR): Regridding is the process of interpolating from one grid resolution to a different grid resolution. This could involve temporal, vertical or spatial ('horizontal') interpolations. However, most commonly, regridding refers to spatial interpolation.
Regridding netCDF Forum: Help. Creator: Maria Catala Created: 2013-12-04 Updated: 2020-08-26 Maria Catala - ...

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NetCDF CF Metadata Conventions The conventions for CF (Climate and Forecast) metadata are designed to promote the processing and sharing of files created with the NetCDF API . The CF conventions are increasingly gaining acceptance and have been adopted by a number of projects and groups as a primary standard.
2.6. Installation of required libraries¶. As described in Section 2.5, some external libraries are required for building the MET:. 1. NCEP’s BUFRLIB is used by the MET to decode point-based observation datasets in PrepBUFR format.

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make_hgrid. make_hgrid make horizontal grid tiles for various grid types. The grid_type can be one of a controlled vocabulary of grid tyoes that includes spectral_grid, regular_lonlat_grid, tripolar_grid, conformal_cubic_grid, etc. Alternatively a text file or netCDF specifying vertices of a supergrid can be supplied.
While it is common for these models to provide remapping and gridded outputs to make the user's life a bit easier, it is not by any means unusual to have to do the regridding yourself.

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Iterative Next-Neighbor Regridding (INNG): improved reconstruction from nonuniformly sampled k-space data using rescaled matrices. (English).
• Methods of accessing regridding: – Online • Subroutine calls which calculate weights during run • Can get weights or feed directly into ESMF Sparse Mat. Mult. • Requires LAPACK if higher order interpolation is used – Offline • Application which generates a netCDF weight file from two netCDF grid files • Requires pnetCDF and LAPACK

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Client-side Subsetting and Regridding for Intercomparison and Validation of MERRA Data. Arlindo da Silva. Global Modeling and Assimilation Office, NASA/GSFC [email protected]
So, on the topic of regridding winds from NARR data... here's a question that has more to do with basic netCDF processing than ROMS-specifics. (Sorry for that.) I've noticed that all of my data files from NCEP's NARR have a time dimension, and then x and y dimensions -- longitude and latitude are stored as variables lon(x,y) and lat(x,y ...

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It's useful for simplifying data, even it will be helpful for working in GrADS. (in ferret's case, it can read most types of netcdfs) let's go! Extract variable "SST" from (ref) $ ncks -v SST Delete variable "lev" from (ref) $ ncks -C -O -x -v lev Delete…
Regridding methods: First order conservative Bilinear Higher order patch recovery Nearest source to destination Nearest destination to source Global or regional grids in any combination Grids with 2D latitudes and longitudes including some tripolar Handles masking of both source and destination Spherical regridding (regrids) In [1]:

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Jan 24, 2017 · NOTE: IDL 7 and lower versions is compatible with netCDF-3 format but not netCDF-4. IDL 8 and higher versions should be compatible with both netCDF-3 and netCDF-4. GAMAP v2.19 can now read netCDF restart files. GEOS-Chem restart files were migrated from the old binary punch format to COARDS-compliant netCDF format in v11-01 and higher versions ...
Local NetCDF File to RCMED Evaluation (temporal and spatial regridding of data). This time we show how to use the data_source module to pull OCW objects out of remote servers like JPL's RCMED.

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Creates a nearest-neighbour regridder to perform regridding from the source grid to the target grid. Typically you should use iris.cube.Cube.regrid() for regridding a cube. There are, however, some situations when constructing your own regridder is preferable.
Regridding regular netcdf data (4). I have a netcdf file containing global sea-surface temperatures. Using matplotlib and Basemap, I've managed to make a map of this data, with the following code
Recent STILT work at Jena Christoph Gerbig and Stefan Körner Max-Planck-Institute for Biogeochemistry STILT users at Jena: K. Dhanyalekshmi, Kristina Trusilova, Ronald Macatangay (also at U. Bremen)
Swath-like data (hereafter SLD) are defined by non-rectangular and/or time-varying spatial grids in which one or more coordinates are multi-dimensional. It is often challenging and time-consuming to work with SLD, including all Level 2 satellite-retrieved data, non-rectangular subsets of Level 3 data, and model data on curvilinear grids. Researchers and data centers want user-friendly, fast ...
netCDF Operators version 4.7.9 (Homepage = htt... history: Fri Aug 7 17:57:38 2020: ncatted -a Xarray has no understanding of grid cells and their geometry. More precise geographic regridding for...

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